Growth Mindset

Have the absolute courage redefine-to-redesign own good self for a brand new self.

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Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere. Any device. Most flexible, even you are on the go.

Collaborative Experience

Be part of a supportive community that inspires others and for good self.

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Personal Development Does Matter

⭐ The 1 Avenue

  • GL Instrument | Great Learning Instrument.

⭐ The 1 Belief

  • Better skills, better business; where everyone can be a better self for a better world.

The 1 Mission

  • Bring lifelong betterment of self in people with offering of upskilling and reskilling opportunities that incorporate authentic learning approach to cultivate mindfulness, unleash potential, develop competency and grow productivity in a realistic and relatable real world context.

⭐ The 1 For All

  • For everyone and anyone with strong desire and mind for future growth, development and transformation to be a better self.

⭐ …series of thoughtfully-designed, diligently-engineered, effectively-structured, efficiently-delivered on-demand courses and relevant micro-lessons for all walks of life whoever aims to up-skill or re-skill with practical business skill sets, Accounting and Finance qualification in business for career advancement, personal competence and to being more business savvy.

⭐ …in any business, Accounting and Finance like any relevant strategic business skills are serious money matters, as it is the lifeblood of every business of any kind, that requiring high standard of professional competency.

⭐ …we create to deliver value-added enhanced learning support in a form of personalized experiences plus engaging features with aim to optimize everyone’s learning intelligence and to cultivate a growth mindset along the journey.

⭐ …by designing shorter, concise, more compelling microlessons of which potentially help learners to better engage with easily digestible bite-sized chunks of content more productively while still getting an impactful and complete learning experience.

🎯 If creative thinking to problem solving is the twenty-first century…
🎯 The experiential method of learning encourages learners to…
🎯 Effective learning largely calls for a sense of…
🎯 Peripheral learning is perceived as a learning of more difficult…

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Discoveries Worth Exploring From Within

Managing Risk and Uncertainty in Decision Making

The course will walk you through the essential concept and tactical approach to risk and uncertainty when dealing with the decision making problems.


Summarising and Analysing Data

The course will look at sensible ways in which raw data can be collated into more meaningful formats, looking at some pictorial representations of data that provides productive ways of communicating the information.


Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows [CSOCF | CSCF]

Group financial statement that presents the financial liquidity of a parent company and its subsidiaries as a single economic entity.


Consolidated Statement of Profit or Loss and Other Comprehensive Income [CSOPLOCI | CSPLOCI]

Group financial statement that presents the financial performance of a parent company and its subsidiaries as a single economic entity.


Consolidated Statement of Financial Position [CSOFP | CSFP]

Group financial statement that presents the financial position of a parent company and its subsidiaries as a single economic entity.