No one can motivate you until you motivate yourself! One should take self-motivation as a vital skill (ability) as it is the force that drives people to keep going even in the face of setbacks, to take up opportunities, and to show strong commitment towards accomplishment.

Much of the motivation to self-learn comes from within, and although natural curiosity propels oneself to seek answers (solutions) to problems, the courage and confidence to “..take one’s (your) own path..” could be real lonely and daunting. Hence, being highly self-motivated is the prerequisite skill for everyone.

By adopting active self-learning, it can be truly helpful in building greater sense of confidence in oneself as they learn. Along the way, you would come to trust your own judgement as you personally have seen how that produces genuine results for your own good self. 

It will not take long to soon discover yourself as independent person eager to pick up new things without anyone urging or helping you. After all, you learn because you personally want to, NOT because you think you have to NOR the request from someone else. With that genuine mentality, everyone can actually make impactful differences in life for self as well as for others.