To be honest, we can’t really teach people anything; instead we can only help them discover it within themselves. A more meaningful (productive) way of coaching is none other than collaborative experience i.e. by mutually guiding (mentoring) among peers as it essentially offers a better interactive learning experience for all. More importantly, for the whole process to be functional as well as beneficial, every single individual should have contributed responsibly and actively collaborated in the learning community.

Above all else, we aim at helping learners across levels develop an enquiring mind and being independence through self-learning, fostering a generation of well-rounded persons who are resourceful and confident to take on challenges without fear, who ultimately turn out to be a better self, a truly holistic thinker-to-maker!

Be remembered (mindful) : the world no longer rewards people just for what they know as Google already knows everything, but for what WE PEOPLE can do (innovate) with what we know!