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Microsoft Excel is part of the Microsoft Office package of productivity software. Microsoft Excel is one of the most essential yet intelligent tool that made it the most widely used spreadsheet (software) program in many business activities, including classwork and for personal data use.

Microsoft Excel plays a crucial role in performing formula-based arithmetic (calculations), also across other activities that may require mathematical and analytical functions. Enhanced by intelligence, Excel efficiently turns data into insights and effectively helps present data in compelling ways. That is extremely valuable for many businesses and individuals whose primary task critically involves number crunching and data analytics.

Many businesses, individuals and institutional enterprises have embraced the use of Excel in view of its practical utility, dynamic features as well as its fairly powerful programming capabilities for those who wish to develop relatively sophisticated financial and scientific computation capabilities. Worth noting one of the amazing programmable features include pulling in data from external sources such as stock market feeds, automatically running the data through formula such as financial models to update such information in real time.

Don’t you think it’s awesome to get empowered with Microsoft Excel, the practical application skill set that surely augments your professional competency and productivity like no other! If you want to be indispensable in your employer’s eyes or in business wise, it’s vital to keep leveraging your software-application skills to enhance your overall competitiveness, for self and in business. Otherwise, you’ll find that one day someone else comes along who has all of your skills, and more.

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