【A.12.00】What other information from a break-even chart?

Briefing Note
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A break-even chart also provides..

✅ ..other additional useful insights beyond the break-even point.

✅ Here are a few highlights:

🚩 Profitability

🚩 Cost structure

🚩 Margin of safety

🚩 Sensitivity analysis

🚩 Decision-making



✅ A break-even chart can help determine the profitability at different levels of production or sales.

✅ By looking at the area above the break-even point on the chart, can see how much profit the business will make at different levels of sales or production.


Cost structure..

✅ The break-even chart can show the proportion of fixed and variable costs in the business.

✅ This information is useful in determining the cost structure and in identifying areas where cost reductions can be made.


Margin of safety..

✅ The break-even chart can also help determine margin of safety, which is the amount by which actual sales or production can fall below the break-even point before start incurring losses.

✅ Calculate the margin of safety by subtracting the break-even point from actual sales or production.


Sensitivity analysis..

✅ A business can use the break-even chart to perform a sensitivity analysis, which helps determine how changes in key variables such as sales price or production costs will affect the break-even point and profitability.



✅ A break-even chart can help businesses make better decisions by providing a clear and visual representation of the costs and revenues associated with different levels of production or sales.

✅ A company can use the chart to identify the most profitable production or sales levels and make adjustments to the business strategy accordingly.


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