【A.10.00】What is a break-even chart?

Briefing Note
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A break-even chart..

✅ ..a graphical representation that shows the relationship between the revenue generated by a business and its costs.

✅ ..used to determine the point at which the business will break even, which means that the total revenue earned will be equal to the total costs incurred.

✅ ..shows the point which is often referred to as the “breakeven point” or “level of sales.”

✅ ..can be used to calculate the breakeven point in terms of units sold or in terms of sales revenue generated.


The chart typically has two axes..

✅ ..the horizontal (X) axis represents the level of sales or units sold, while the vertical (Y) axis represents the total revenue and total costs.

✅ The total costs are usually divided into fixed costs and variable costs:

🚩 Fixed costs are represented by a straight horizontal line.

🚩 Variable costs are represented by a line that increases with the level of sales.


The breakeven point is where..

✅ ..the total revenue and total costs intersect on the chart.


Below the breakeven point..

✅ ..the business is operating at a loss.


Above the breakeven point..

✅ ..the business is operating at a profit.


By using a break-even chart..

✅ ..businesses can determine the minimum level of sales or revenue needed to cover their costs and avoid operating at a loss.

✅ ..helps businesses make more informed decisions about pricing, production levels, and sales strategies.


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