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Hi ! It's me !

GL Tan, a self-inspired designer for the learning experience, is also a learning facilitator with over a decade of experience in learning, training, coaching, mentoring, and professional development.

His key deliverable signifies a crucial sense of mission : “Strive to bridge the critical skills gap in the interest of everyone and the society at large.”

Along the journey, he earns worthy experiences in different corporate sectors across functions & ventures.

On top of that, GL is a licensed & authorized UT Consultant of the largest private unit trust fund management company in the nation. He has been a registered member of FIMM 【The Federation Investment Managers Malaysia; a self-regulatory organisation (SRO) recognised by the Securities Commission (SC) Malaysia】 for over 16 years; worth mentioning as well the value of his asset under management (AUM) has thrived steadily ever since. GL is a strong advocate of the value investing approach as the reality has been proving speculation of any kind in any way is no simple easy business!

GL believes in making the coaching-to-learning experience as interactive and productive as possible to facilitate (optimize) everyone’s learning intelligence, with a guiding belief that experiential learning for mastery is indeed the promising key to unlocking human potential, and leads to developing real skills of problem-solving that matter for life. He never just wanted to show solutions but keeps figuring out ways to inspire people to dare bring experimentation to life, or else growth will hardly materialise.

To sustain and thrive, a growth mindset is essential. GL appreciates that having a growth mindset is really about the continuous belief that improvement is always possible and failures of any kind at any point are opportunities to learn, unlearn & relearn. It keeps exciting him to attempt things differently by thinking & rethinking from different angles of the standpoint. Undeniably thinking is hard work but it’s definitely worth the effort as the brain literally is a muscle with strength that can move the world.

Interestingly, by way of scientific methods and performing experiments, scientists have discovered that the brain grows more when one learns something new or advanced and grows less when practicing things already known. The empirical study implies it’s not just about how much time and effort being put into activities like “reading”, “studying” or “remembering”; but more importantly it is the capability of oneself to “seize” something really vital, critical and the practical value of the underlying logic behind the context that matters the most. In other words, it is indeed the ability to apply the skill sets to deal with and solve real-world problems that count and lasts!

One must strive to upskill persistently, set to embrace new capabilities and expand competencies with the aim of redefining-to-redesigning own good self in a more adaptive way to cope with the dynamic world that is transforming more rapidly than ever before. Indeed anyone with a growth mindset would be capable of being a better self, living up a more meaningful and authentic life for a better world.

“..0f course, nothing comes easy. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. When life gets increasingly challenging, self-optimization is no longer an option! In fact, it is my drive, my passion with my creation here aim to offer people; whoever, wherever, whenever, on any preferred device, gain practical knowledge, reshape their mindset and acquire relevant helpful skill sets they need which they can effectively apply to develop useful tools, design-to-create an efficient formula (system) of problem-solving and being productive to get more done then. Yeah! Nailed it! & Hit the ground running! Keep striving forward..” ~ GL Tan



The real best investment you can make is an investment in yourself.

The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.

Question is how serious & dedicated are you to take on the challenges in any circumstances?!!

❝ 一切从自我挑战提升增值坚持开始!❞