Effective learning largely calls for a sense of wanting to know i.e. a curiosity towards exploring. In view of that, “know-how” to learn responsibly (being effective and efficient learner) is of no least important.

The propensity to “know-more” is the drive that would even inspire one to become a lifelong learner. Learners who are truthfully self-motivated to learn will definitely seek (whatever, whichever, whenever) possible ways to acquire more relevant knowledge and specific useful skill sets, it is the personal drive that stems from within self rather than being instigated by external persuasions.

Learning is indeed an excitement process akin to embarking on an adventure life-changing journey, one will eventually expand capabilities even more as they successfully acquire new knowledge and/or skills. More than just being a destination to reach out. Be ready take a step ahead to explore and adapt beyond the comfort zones; know what exactly you should do and how to achieve optimum learning curve as the world nowadays evolves on an unprecedented scale and speed.