The experiential method of learning encourages learners to develop their every individually personal ability of identifying problems and looking for effective solutions on their own in their everyday lives.

Individuals might have come across challenging situations when interacting with peers, stumble upon those via the internet or simply while looking to solve the existing problem.

In doing so, they learn to rely on their own resources, subject to how much do they know exactly and how actively could they do to look out for good solutions, instead of waiting for the answers to be presented to them.

That is why being resourceful actually helps them become better creative and adaptable to any changes in whatever the environment is, internal as well as external. It also helps them realise that they can actually learn faster and better by themselves.

So to speak that everyone is indeed by nature an amazing self-learner. However, just a matter (question) of how much, what and how one self is doing for that good reason. After all, it’s about learning through reflection on doing which can be self-evident an impactful learning process as a result.