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Yes, this is a fully online-facilitated learning platform that hosts a series of self-development courses and microlessons for everyone to upskill and reskill, aim at helping people to expand their knowledge, develop new skills and/or improve (upgrade) their existing competencies.

It is worth highlighting that all course content, activities and discussions (forums) have been thoughtfully designed and carefully structured to deliver in a human interactive manner that enables you to confidently develop your professional competency at your own pace. It’s the human touch that connects and facilitates learning intelligence and associated productivity.

Whenever you wish. Wherever you like. Even you are on the go. The best part?! …Being conveniently accessible on all your preferred devices : mobile phone, tablet, laptop and of course the desktop computer. Simply everything at your fingertips without a single hassle!

Another plus point?! …Different modes of learning deliver fascinating experience in learning for self-improvement. Believe it, it works!

Evidently, personalised learning via online is just as good as (potentially even better productive than) in-classroom type of learning, especially for the needs of working learners with busy schedules round the clock. Now here’s the new norm trend everyone is experiencing and practicing!

Convenient yet efficient mechanism is offered to serve individual personal need in learning and development.

We facilitate collaborative learning experience within the course community by prompting critical questions, raising issues for discussion, addressing highlights and responding to consultations.

Our role is as a “guide on the side” as opposed to a traditional teacher’s role as “sage on the stage”.

We adopt social learning approach in delivering the courses (workshops) – this means you can learn from each other by actively participating in the activities and sharing your knowledge earned, thoughts, reflections in the course community.


Interesting content, engaging activities and interactive discussions as you discover the core concepts, implementations and potentials of networked learning.

Share and reflect on your experiences, connect with peers in the field, and join other learners who share the same interests.

Empirically speaking by this way will enrich everyone’s holistic learning experience and learning intelligence with more functional efficiency in place, surely professional competencies will be upgraded and enhanced as a result.

The holistic approach leads to the development of learners as critical thinkers with ability to communicate well, as well as being initiative, cooperative, technically competent, confident, committed, reliable, responsible, performing and mindfulness in business & workplace.

We aim to make learning a process of self-improvement that explicitly recognizes the self and the social context of learning and teaching, and recognizing the needs of the individual learner in the environment that emphasises active learning by interaction.

We coach for mastery & You learn for mastery. It is all about holistic development and fundamental improvement within self that matter the most. Certainly NOT just for test score!


For everyone, being either entrepreneur, professional, working executive or full-time student; whoever you are.

No matter you are learning (upskilling) for personal mastery reason, lifelong learning or for professional certification purpose or for achieving career advancement or simply to grow your brain muscle; whatever the good reason(s) you assign to your own good self.

It is absolutely for everyone for anyone with strong desire & mind to enhance │ up-skill │ re-skill personal competencies towards staying relevant professionally to develop sensible skills for solving realistic problems.


 With regret to inform that we are UNABLE to issue refunds for digital products and services once the subscription is confirmed, enrollment is successful, fees received, and access to resources instantly granted


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