advance your business performance the next level

CIMA’s very first Diploma in Performance Management for business professionals of all background to learn how Management Accounting can help support crucial decision-making in all business functions.

It sets the foundation to facilitate long-term risk management through the implementation of a desired performance strategy to give your organisation an edge it needs, also by gaining valuable insights to supercharge your business performance through cost management and business strategy. 

Even without financial background, you will definitely benefit greatly from learning how to plan, manage and control cost to execute short-term decision-making efficiently in specific business context.

Getting Certified
This programme is open to the corporate professionals of all background; and for anyone who wishes to upskill professional competence in business.

Few Steps Away

Step 1 : Sign up for the programme.
Step 2 : Study for P1 Management Accounting and P2 Advanced Management Accounting.
Step 3 : Take the P1 & P2 exams within 6 months from the first exam taken. 
Step 4 : Receive CIMA Diploma in Performance Management upon passing both exams.

Yes! That’s right! You are only two exams away to take your organisation’s performance to the next level. Find out how management accounting can provide short-term and long-term solutions to enhance business performance in just two modules.

P1 Management Accounting focuses on short-term cost management strategy:

Understand the importance of cost, volume and price in production.

Support vital decision-making through cost analysis.

Cost budgeting as short-term corporate performance strategy.

Understand the risk involved and its implications.

P2 Advanced Management Accounting focuses on long-term performance strategy:

Analysis, plan and manage cost to support strategy implementation.

Manage and control various business functions in an organisation.

Understand investment-related business decisions and its implication.

Understand the risks affecting business strategy and operation.

That’s not all! CIMA offers a supercharged fast track route to jump-start your professional qualification. After earning CIMA Diploma in Performance Management, you may continue (opt) to pursue CIMA professional qualification by completing (passing) the remaining FIVE(5) examinations, as follows:

01】MCS│Management Case Study;

02】E3│Strategic Management;

03】P3│Risk Management;

04】F3│Financial Strategy; and lastly

05】SCS│Strategic Case Study.

【…Consult us on how this designated pathway leads you in advance…】